The most privilage location of North-West Crete

The formerly small fishing village is found at the apex of Almiros Bay on the Sea of Crete, with Cape Drapano and its rocky coast to the north and the long 20km sandy beaches in the east.
Georgioupolis is very much a tourist town now, with many cafes, tavernas, small hotels and apartment blocks. The town square is surrounded by outdoor seating used by tourists enjoying their drinks and ice creams. The 9 km beach is the main attraction of the area, with Kalyvaki beach on the other side of the river as well.
A combination of three separate rivers flowing down to the sea and rare eucalyptus trees has created a unique environment that attracts unusual wildlife. Close by, a refuge has evolved to protect the pelicans and turtles that have settled there and little paddle boats can be hired to explore the backwaters.

Ideally placed for exploration and excursions

Georgioupoli is a well-located base for exploring the traditional villages of the area towards Vamos or into the White Mountains. Great for everyone, groups of friends, couples and families and generally anyone in search of quiet holidays without missing out on nightly entertainment in bars and restaurants.

Directions to villa

Chania Airport (CHQ) is the second busiest airport in Crete, located 14km from Chania city and 45 km (30min drive) from our villas.
Connected with many cities on the island by public transport and taxis, the airport hosts a big variety of rental cars to satisfy your needs.
Heraklion Airport (HER) is the primary airport of Crete it is located about 5 km east of the main city and 110km (90min drive) from our villas.
Connected with many cities on the island by public transport and taxis, the airport hosts a big variety of rental cars to satisfy your needs.
Georgioupoli is the seaside resort on the north coast of the prefecture of Chania and is located 38km from the city of Chania and 30km from the city of Rethimno.
Each summer thousands of tourists come here for vacation. Consequently, in Georgioupoli there is everything you are going to need for your holidays.

You are not alone!

Our personal approach is very much present from the welcome to our attentive assistance throughout your Crete holiday offering all information you need about taverns, shops, excursions and attractions

Surprising places you can visit and enjoy



3km from villa

Nice beach with cold and clear water. There is a nice tavern on the beach, big swimming pool and playground for kids.

Kournas Lake


7km from villa

A village south-east of Georgioupolis. On the bank there are some tavernas, and pedalo rental. The clear water is great for swimming and constantly changes colour according to time of the day.



7km from villa

A small village built near a river. You find restaurant and café under big tries. Visit Vrises for a coffee and then continue for Sfakia or Chania. Try yogurt and honey.



20km from villa

A small fishing village, lies along the east of the Souda Bay opposite the cape of Akrotiri. The surrounding area, with picturesque villages, lovely beaches, and historical sites consists one of the most worth to visit areas in the island of Crete.



10km from villa

A semi mountainous village that retains the authentic physiognomy of the traditional Cretan village. Among the houses within the village, some old mansions, mostly of the past century, have been restored or been renovated, retaining the elements of folk and neoclassical architecture.



25km from villa

Stands on the areal of the ancient town of Lappa, above the western bay of Rethymnon, 9 km south of the coast. By the lower village border there is a spring with picturesque cascades, which over a distance of 23 km provides the town of Rethymnon with drinking-water.



45km from villa

Located to the south of Chania at the top of the Theriso gorge. The 14 km drive up the gorge is considered spectacular and is popular with Chania residents for the cooler temperatures and grill restaurants of the village. Theriso is a historic village and the birthplace of the mother of Eleftherios Venizelos..



45km from villa

On the first glance gives the impression of a sleepy south coast village where time stands still. Twice per day, things however change when the ferry boat from Paleohora via Soughia and Aghia Roumeli arrives. Also take the boat and visit LOUTRO.



45km from villa

A small picturesque fishing village in south west Crete, not yet spoilt by mass tourism. Discover the beautiful beaches like glyka nera ( sweet water ),timios stavros, pervolaki, marmara, (the most are naturist beach) and enjoy the sun, sea and peaceful tranquillity.



90km from villa

Is the name of an ancient settlement at Cape Koutri on Crete’s west coast, by the sourthern end of the big Gramvoussa peninsula and by the northern edge of the bay of Livadi. The name today stands for the 3 km long beach that frames the bay.



45km from villa

A small seaside village with a few houses. It is famous for its Venetian castle of the same name, which is preserved in very good condition, its beautiful beaches and the Drosoulites, the ghosts which appear at Frangokastello at dawn each May. Many monuments were built in the area through the centuries, but very few survive today.



35km from villa

Is the second largest city on the island of Crete and the capital of the prefecture of Chania, located 60 km from Rethymno and 145 from Heraklion. It occupies an area of approximately 11 square kilometres. The city of Chania inhabited from the prehistoric period



30km from villa

On Crete’s north coast is the capital of the governmental district of the same name. It ranks as the island’s cultural center and gives home to several museums, to the philosophical branch of the University of Crete, and other facilities.



110km from villa

Also known as Labyrinth, or Knossos Palace, is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and probably the ceremonial and political center of the Minoan civilization and culture.



120km from villa

Is where your experience exploring the Mediterranean sea world ends. Come face to face with hundreds of species and living organisms. Be fascinated by their behaviour as they reveal the wide variety of shapes, colors, habits and needs of their own world. Learn about them

Family fun activities & attractions

Cretan diet features the three F’s

Freshness Fragrance Family

Cretan cuisine is one of foundation, not of complicated sauces. Its strength lies in the quality and freshness of its ingredients, the use of olive oil, wild herbs and greens and purity of taste.

The countryside smells of wild herbs and flowers. Oregano is the most common herb used, thyme, parsley, marjoram, basil, fennel and dill play a prominent role. You’ll find them used on salads, in dishes and also in beautiful, cleansing blends of herbal tea.

Don’t come looking only for tzatziki and souvlaki !

Vegetables & Fruits

One of the basic diet is the huge consumption of vegetables and fruits! The soil of Crete produces tasty products, without chemical additives.

Olive oil

The most important ingredient in Cretan cuisine. Virtually everything has a spoonful (or two or three) of olive oil thrown on top.

Greens & Herbs

The fertile Cretan earth with the rich wild flora offers a wonderful veriety of edible greens, the main ingredient of all exciting dishes.

Cretan Cheese

The consumption of cheese in Crete is the highest in the world! Cretans don’t regard food as a medicine, they know how to enjoy its taste. Award-winning cheeses, with their unique taste, Gruyere, kefalograviera, kefalotiri, sweet or sour mizithra.


A very typical Cretan dish. Rusks, a traditional dried bread that is baked several times and kept for months, is moistened in a bit of water, and topped with grated tomato, olive oil, cheese and oregano. Crunchy, light and full of flavor, it makes a perfect snack.

Yogurt with honey

Rich, creamy and tart, our yogurt is a decadent dream for you if you often crave healthy snacks. Health experts around the world agree that snacking on Greek yogurt is an incredibly smart and gratifying choice. A spoonful or two of honey makes yogurt taste divine.

Kalitsounia (pies)

A pastry crust stuffed with herbs or a local cheese (mizithra). Dessert (served with honey), but they are also served as appetizers.


Stuffed grape leaves, usually with a rice, herb and ground meat mixture. Try it with lemon or yogurt or tzatziki.

Snails (escargot)

Fried snails is a famous traditional Cretan appetizer. Fresh, cooked with olive oil, salt, onion and red wine served in a cracked wheat stew.

Apaki (smoked pork)

In the vast mountain regions, locals had to find ways to preserve their large quantities of fresh meat. So, they used all of the incredible fresh herbs and spices to smoke it. It is so reach in flavor and aromas that you can eat it without cooking it.


Our wine history is stretching back at least 3,500 years. Crete is one of the Greece’s biggest wine producers. Most of the wine comes from local villages homemade variety. Modern wineries in Crete have made use of the traditional varieties of grapes and the centuries-long experience.


Raki or tsikoudia is a local cretan distilled alcoholic drink, a clear and fragrant liquor which visitors are offered as a welcoming gesture, or at the end of a meal. It is often home-produced by individuals in villages throughout Crete, so the alcohol content varies by producer.

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